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HID Headlights

Electronics 2000 - Lighting InstallationIf you have trouble seeing the road at night, you’re not alone. Older motorists, in particular, can find it difficult to drive in the dark. Replacing your current headlights with new HID headlights is an easy switch that can provide better illumination on the road, improving your nighttime vision and safety while driving. HID headlight conversion is another service we offer at Electronics 2000 to help you enhance the quality and performance of your vehicle. We’re a member of the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association, and we’re fully qualified to install HID lights, including HID fog lights. Why not give your eyes all the help they can get in bad weather and dark driving conditions? Make an appointment today for your HID headlight conversion!

You might not realize how much difference powerful HID headlights can make. In addition to brightening up the night with a strong beam of blue-white light, HID xenon lights also outperform standard halogen headlights for:

  • Offering energy efficiency
  • Lasting twice as long, 2,000 hours on average
  • Cutting glare from oncoming traffic
  • Improving vehicle appearance
  • Providing custom headlight colors
  • And more!

When you’re blinded by the high beams of an oncoming car, halogen headlights do little to cut through the glare. Xenon HID headlights, on the other hand, are bright enough to enhance your view and expand your peripheral vision. It’s not just the intensity of an HID headlight that allows you to see better, but the color of the light as well. That’s what we love most about HID lights at Electronics 2000. You get the best of both worlds with HID xenon headlights: superior driving vision and unbelievable color clarity.

Full-Service HID Headlight Conversion

Electronics 2000 - HID HeadlightsElectronics 2000 has been selling and installing HID lights for car enthusiasts for years. But we’re thrilled to see more and more drivers catching on to these brilliant, energy-saving headlights. As a licensed and insured mobile electronics company, we’re San Antonio’s source for HID headlight conversion kits and full-service installation. We can’t say enough about the improved driving vision you’ll experience or the extended life you’ll get when you change out your halogen lights for new HID xenon headlights. Once you’ve driven at night with your HID headlights illuminating the way, there’s no going back to your old, yellow halogen headlights. So, sharpen your nighttime road vision just like that. Convert to HID headlights today!

Give your tired eyes a break when nighttime rolls around. For safer driving, HID lights are the answer. If you only make one improvement to your vehicle in the coming months, make it xenon HID lights from Electronics 2000. It’s the best light output option for your car, van, SUV, or truck.

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